Stop. Talking.

I am fired up about ALL.  THE.  TALKING.  The rhetoric makes me crazy.  I’m not talking about political rhetoric either, although that makes me equally as crazy, but have you noticed that regular people are now constantly spewing rhetoric about something or another?  Thanks to platforms like Facebook and blogs like this one, we now all have the power to speak to an audience about…well…nothing.  I had lunch with a girlfriend and we were discussing our love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I used one of my FB “friends” as an example.  He has been writing for at least six months about how he’s going to have a positive attitude about life and not give in to the “haters.”  What a great idea.  Right?  Well…yes if that’s what he actually did…but instead he’s continued to talk about the exact same thing several times a day for six months.  SIX.  MONTHS.  He’s TALKING about it.

I am an over-communicator.  Sometimes to a fault.  I can talk things out with my girlfriends over and over and not actually DO a damn thing.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by ridiculously smart, strong, and talented women.  We offer each other a support system that I truly couldn’t live without.  There is a place for talking.  In fact, without talking ad nauseam with a therapist, I’m quite sure my marriage story would instead be a divorce story.  But at some point the talking needs to stop.

If you’re a girl like I am, you’ve likely done a stupid amount of talking about weight.  I was in two meetings today in which women referenced their weight.  What compels total strangers to divulge that they’re working on their weight?  Because sometimes we feel like TALKING about it will make some sort of difference.  I’ve been TALKING about the 2o pounds I’ve gained since I met my husband for years.  Blah, blah, blah…I get sick of hearing myself talk sometimes.  South Beach, Weight Watchers, more time at the gym…blah…blah…blah.  I’ve done a lot of talking over the years but…and this might shock you…just talking about it over and over hasn’t actually made the 20 pounds disappear.  What?!

I’ve also done A LOT of talking about Masters Degrees.  In the amount of years I’ve talked about a Masters Degree I could have earned at least three of them.  Sweet Jesus…I could have a Ph.D in something by now!  People would have to call me Doctor…sigh.

So what if I just STOPPED.  TALKING.  What if that guy on Facebook STOPPED TALKING about the “haters” and just changed his attitude.  I feel like he’d be a whole lot happier giving those “haters” less airtime.  What if instead of talking about the WAY I am going to lose weight and by WHAT DATE I am going to lose it and WITH WHOM I’m going to try to lose it…what if I just did it.  No rhetoric.  No BS.  No blah, blah, blah.  What if I just did it?

I don’t have any false ideas that talking in my life will come to a halting stop.  There are a lot of things that deserve airtime and discussion.  But for crying out loud there are plenty of things that just don’t.  So…

Today:  What if I STOP TALKING about things that are clearly in my control and just do it?

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