Perspective. And. The. Man.

Last night we got an email from our tax guy. It was not a good email. In fact, it was a completely unexpected horribly awful email. Apparently, the government believes we should give them a small fortune this year. The email came just as we were finishing homework, throwing the little girls into the shower, starting to address Valentines, trying to set-up Facetime with my husband’s parents who are snow birding this winter, making cold lunches, feeding the puppy, and trying to figure out if we could somehow manage to each get to the gym (we couldn’t). Amongst all the bustle we heard “You’ve Got Mail” and were excited to see he’d finished our taxes so quickly. Then we read it and wept. Well, okay not really, but we went into a little shock and then had to keep going with the evening. No rest for the wicked.

After we each had time for it to set in we started the “it HAS to be a mistake,” “did we send him THIS form?” “did we send him THAT form?” “is prostitution still illegal in this state?” “what black market items could we easily sell?” “good thing we didn’t plan that trip to Vegas.” “although, don’t they allow prostitution in Vegas?”

But finally, I said “we’ll be fine. It will be fine.” And my husband said “I know we will.”

Oh. My. God.

Have you ever been in a car accident? After the sound of the crash, and after the impact, and the shock, and the checking to make sure everyone is okay, you have that moment where you realize you’re going to be fine? Or after a heavy storm when the birds start chirping again and the sun starts to peak out? Or for those who have migraines when it finally breaks and you can turn on the lights and you realize you actually feel okay?

Those four words coming from my husband gave me that kind of moment last night. A year ago, had we received this news, I can say with almost 100% certainty that we wouldn’t have made it. It would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. It would have been the final nail in the coffin of our marriage and right now I’d be writing a very different story that would likely include a lot more booze. Actually it might be a much more exciting blog…but you’re stuck with this one…

Hmmm…note to self…maybe I should start to include more stories from my single days to funny things up a bit…

I’m always amazed when I have a moment where something is really bad…BUT…it’s not as bad as it was before. Things could be, and in fact have been, so much worse. What an amazing realization that is.

By this morning it was almost (almost) comical. I mean seriously, they want us to pay what?! It’s pure comedy at this point.

TODAY: What if things are better than they ever have been…even when it’s not so good?  And what if I keep a little perspective when things seem really awful knowing that at least now we have the ability to get through this crap together?  Go team!

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