Sick. And. Tired.

So…about today’s post?  Ugh.

I woke up yesterday feeling like my chest was being squeezed with 57 bungee cords.   Today I woke up feeling like my chest was being squeezed with 57 bungee cords AND like I had bowling balls for tonsils.  Son of a…

I stayed home from work, slept as much as I could, finished up the girls’ Valentine’s Day gifts, and finished up the two posts I’d written over the weekend.  Yesterday’s post wasn’t fun, uplifting, or funny.  Today I had hoped to write something good, great even, as a follow-up.

In the past two hours I’ve written three full posts and have scrapped each one of them.  The first made me sound like a complete a-shole.  The second exposed too much about people who didn’t sign-up for this.  The third was made up of stupid words thrown into stupid paragraphs and it made up a worthless post.  I don’t have it in me to start all over…for a FOURTH time.  At this point in my evening, as if a bungee cord squeezing my chest and bowling balls for tonsils isn’t enough for one day, my head started pounding.


Rather than posting something horrible I’d prefer to just admit that I feel like junk and cannot for the life of me write something worthwhile tonight.

TODAY:  What if despite my best laid plans, sometimes life interrupts, and I have to give up and just go to bed?  Consider the towel thrown in.

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