About. Last. Night.

Okay, okay, so I was bummed out last night when requesting a do-over.  But let me tell you something.  I woke up this morning feeling like weights had been lifted from my shoulders.  It was sunny outside, I made pancakes, I ran without pain (yes!!!), I did my sit-ups and push-ups, and even though the little girls were hot little messes after each had a sleepover, we had a lovely day.

Sometimes I think things just need to be said aloud (or in print) for there to be a shift in how I look at things.  Getting it out of my head makes it real and allows me to actually do something about it.  I’m not one to internalize (I know this is shocking information) things.  From time to time, however, I think that I should figure things out in my head first before I talk about it.  That usually either a) gets me in trouble, b) makes me sad, or c) paralyzes me temporarily.  None of which are helpful.

This is a short one because our day was quick…and did I mention the two over-tired little girls???

TODAY:  What if saying things out loud and admitting our struggle allows us to move-on to something better?  And what if actually ANNOUNCING our hopes to do things better, wake up happier, and find success, is all it takes to get us going in the right direction?

PS – This teaser thing?  It’s pretty fun.  I have plans tonight that, while I’m currently wishing I had any reason to avoid them, should make for an excellent post on Monday.  Stay tuned!!!

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