A. Village. Of. What. Iffers.

Okay, for real now, can we talk about something?  Last night I wrote about switching what I say to reflect what I’d actually like to happen.  For example, instead of lamenting about not feeling well, or being tired, or my hip hurting, I switch to talking about how great I feel, how rested I am, and how there is no longer any pain.  Today I’ve had several email conversations with family and friends about verbalizing what you want for yourself and those things subsequently appearing.

I don’t mean that I could sit here in my laundry room/office and say “I LOVE this 32 ounce Diet Coke from McDonald’s” and have it magically appear in my hands.  Although, if you have a good husband like I do, that does sometimes happen.  What I’m saying is that if I shift my focus to the things I want…my life should shift accordingly.

So.  I emailed Cousin A and told her a number of things…it’s possible they included something about weighing 140 lbs, being a New York Times Bestselling Author, being astonished that I look so young at my age, and about my numerous shopping trips to Neiman Marcus.  She quickly emailed back and told me that the car dealership with whom she’s been feuding not only refunded her money plus interest for her lemon of a car but also took out a full page ad in the local paper apologizing to her.

Next I emailed a friend and told her how very very skinny I was.  She wrote back and said that none of her clothes fit her, they are all WAY too big, and that she has to buy all new clothes.

Then I emailed my husband and told him that I was happy to be his sugar momma and that he should go ahead and buy as many cars as he wants, as long as he puts them IN A GARAGE (he doesn’t understand why they can’t just be parked about the yard…he can’t be PERFECT people).  He wrote back and said that would be terrific.

Then I emailed my Step-Mom and asked if she could go ahead and refer to me as a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR from now on.  She said she would.

Soon after, I emailed my girlfriend Aych who told me that she’d recently seen a documentary about the scientific research surrounding daily affirmations.  Basically…they work.  She said she’d elaborate over dinner tomorrow night.

It all got me thinking.  First of all, saying out loud that I feel good is nice and all, but perhaps I should aim higher?  I mean, if what everyone is telling me is true, than really I should be talking about amazing feats.  If not, what’s the point, right?  Second of all, I had a ton of fun today reading the responses of my friends and family, and learning about the things THEY really want.  Lifting all boats anyone?

When I had breaks today, I emailed myself messages with bullet points with things I want to be/accomplish.  Then something funny happened.  I started to actually feel CAPABLE of all of these things.  So…a combination of THE SECRET, saying it OUT LOUD, a rising tide lifting all boats, and all my dreams (and yours if you play along) will come true?  Really?!  So what, exactly, are we waiting for?

With this, I’m challenging you to do something…I want you to comment on today’s post with the things YOU want to happen.  Use a fake name if you’d like, uhh…and keep it PG please, but I think it’s totally uplifting and funny to read what other people are putting their energy into wanting.  Plus…maybe we can hook each other up.  Maybe one of you has an idea for me, or I have an idea for you, or maybe some angel investor has good ideas for all of us.  It takes a village people…so what if we’re a village of believers?  Okay, that sounds a little cultish and creepy.  What if we’re a village of…hmm…not idiots…not cult members…umm…not enablers…I don’t feel like enough of you will embrace a village of cheerleaders…a village of WHAT IFFERS.  Whose with me?!  I will read the desires you throw out into the world and maybe we can help each other make it happen just by being witness?

TODAY:  What if all we need to do is TALK ABOUT what we want?  What if throwing it out into the universe by way of this, and other, forum(s) will help us announce to the world what we hope to become?

PS – For the record, I was a big fan of “village of cheerleaders.”  GO TEAM.

14 thoughts on “A. Village. Of. What. Iffers.

  1. My hair is turning BACK to its natural color, all signs of grey have retreated AND my crazy-ass-expensive face cream works even BETTER than botox AND the client I’ve been romancing for the past six months has decided that I AM exactly what they need and they are signing a multi-year contract allowing me to, without concern, send my children to the schools I really WANT them to go to from now through grad degrees AND making it possible to pay off my home before I’m 40; just as I had always planned. Also, my daughter made the A honor roll and told me that I’ve been right all along. About everything. And she is sorry she ever doubted my all-encompassing knowledge of all things pertinent to her life.

    1. OMG your hair is GORGE and you look so much younger. Congrats on that client, and those schools are amazing, and isn’t living mortgage-free lovely? And it’s always nice when they tell you that you’ve been right. About everything. Nice work!!!

  2. Hey, NY Times Best Seller!
    I want to be happy, healthy, handsome, & wealthy… Wait, I already am. Well, I could be more wealthy, but in perspective of gratitude for what I have, I am definitely wealthy. Short range, I want the showcase we are going for so I can play more theaters across the country. Also a home on the beach. Warm & sunny. A Tesla would be nice. Roadies. Permanent tan. New song inspiration. More joy and elation.

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