Shedding. Old. Loves. (Habits.)

I hate it when reason and logic interfere with my life.  It’s so inconvenient.  I’m having one of those days in which I realize that a couple of the things I love and adore are…ummm…perhaps not the best ideas after all.  At least temporarily.  Damn it.

I told you I ran a 5k on Saturday and that it was just the kick in the arse I needed to feel back on track.  Well I’ve been doing a remarkable job of eating healthfully and working out ever since.  Yes I know it was only four days ago…but still.  Anyway, as part of all of this, I decided to embark on a really basic 14-day cleanse.  As it turns out, a cleanse, and two 32 ounce McDonald’s Diet Cokes a day?  They don’t mix well.  In fact, they don’t mix at all.  My options are a) quitting the cleanse immediately (which, obviously, was my first inclination), or b) cutting back on the Diet Coke just a teensy bit.  This is where you picture me on my knees waving my fists at the sky yelling “nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!”  But…ugh…I have to.  I am committed to running more races this year and I really would like to be, oh I don’t know, in shape for them.  I find this very unfortunate, and stupid, and…well to be honest…plain evil of the cleanse makers not to have thought through.  Damn you cleanse makers!!!  Damn you!

I also told you that the government has declared war on our finances this year (i.e. has kindly requested we pay taxes above and beyond what is already taken from our income).  Yes…well…it’s not really working for me.  I would much prefer to hang onto every penny I possibly can so that I can save it spend it damn it!  Obviously!

I love going out to dinner so so much.  It’s one of my faves.  And shopping?  Yes!  Please!  My husband and I both love to shop (he had me when on our first date, after dinner, he said “do you want to go shopping?”).  It doesn’t matter if it’s Home Depot or Target or Macy’s…I just love it so.  Sigh.  But this is going to be the summer of grilling and cheap house projects.  Time to buckle down and spend less money.

I’d much prefer to enjoy a nice dinner, with a fountain Diet Coke, after walking through the mall.  But alas…it’s time to be wise and rein it in.  This whole responsible adult thing is really cramping my style.

TODAY:  What if it’s time to say goodbye to some old loves habits in an effort to move forward with this year of what if?

PS – I am NOT pleased about this one bit.

PPS – If you are in a Walgreens or Target in the next few days and are witness to a crazy woman running in and screaming for someone, anyone, to get her painkillers…it’s likely me suffering from a caffeine headache.  I’m sorry in advance…oh…and I prefer ibuprofen.  Thank you.

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