Fist. Meet. Throats.

If I had my way Rage Against the Machine would have been playing everywhere today.  Simply to illustrate my mood.

I want to punch people in the throat.  Seriously.

The a-shole who hacked my personal email account?  The one who sent emails to almost every single person in my contact list?  Including former work acquaintances?  Big wigs?  I want to punch that guy in the throat.

The company that formerly hosted said personal email account?  The ones who helped me change my password and yet it was still hacked after that?  And then the ones who after saying they closed the account told me it would still be active (but I couldn’t log in) until April 6th?  Those guys?  I want to punch THEM in the throat.

The people at the company that now hosts my personal email?  At Apple?  I want to kiss them on the cheeks.  I adore them.  Swoon.

But everyone else?  Fist.  Meet.  Throats.

I woke up feeling less than cheery.  You know…same old, same old.  Frustration over things and people over which I have no control.  I drove to work this morning wondering why people can’t behave better.  Why people can’t BE better.  Within a couple hours of my arrival to work I was feverishly changing usernames, passwords, and email accounts.  And I was pissed.  And my attitude for the remainder of this day has been nothing short of horsesh-t. 

How is that helpful?

After spending the day dealing with the administrative BS that comes with changing everything, and spending the evening setting up my new iCloud account (swoon), I was spent.  My husband and I had a date to go light shopping (our living room lights have all decided to go on strike and stop working…in the past two weeks).  We bought lovely floor and table lamps that made our living room look a million times better.  I looked around and the carpet looked dirtier (it’s amazing what you can see when you actually have working lights), the walls looked too bare, and I started talking about what we should do to the house next.  Knowing full-well that my husband needs time to adjust to what we’ve just done prior to thinking about what’s next.  Knowing full-well that we are on a self-imposed spending freeze.  If I had been thinking clearly, or thinking at all, I would have just reveled in our newly lit home and been content.  Let’s just say…it didn’t go over well.

I could have done better.  I could have behaved better.  Damn it.

I need to be better about remembering my audience.  Thinking about how what I’m saying (this is great!  Next let’s…) will actually be heard (this isn’t good enough…I’m never happy…we need to do more).

I’ve successfully turned my bad day into a bad day for my husband.  Well done.  WELL.  DONE.

TODAY:  What if I can do a better job of managing my emotions/mood when things happen that are out of my control?  What if, even if I’m having a bad day, I do my best to take the other people in my life into consideration.

2 thoughts on “Fist. Meet. Throats.

  1. Hope today goes a lot better for you! While I love your blog and the whole idea of “what if,” try to remember that we’re all doing our best in our own ways, including you.

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