Hold. Please.

So from time to time Cousin A or I will ask the other a question for which an answer may take a bit of time to figure out.  The other usually says “hold please” and then we provide a song title and artist that would be playing if we were actually putting each other on hold.

It seems much funnier when it happens in real life.

Anyway…I have good ones coming I swear.  First, a recap of my ridiculous “36 is the New 25” party that happened Saturday.  Second, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about knowledge.

That said…I’m in the midst of something that’s a teensy bit important and it’s taking me time/energy/brain power to figure out.  So I’m going to have to kindly, respectfully, ask you to hold please.  I will post tomorrow.

And now…pretend you’re listening to Dionne Warwick‘s “Heartbreaker.”

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