Yeah. Yeah. I. Know.

Okay…so…yes you’re right.  I promised to write my posts yesterday.  And I didn’t.  And I’ve written every single day since I started this project and now haven’t written since Saturday.  And I’m withholding valuable information about my “36 is the New 25” party.  I know.  I suck.  It’s true.

And instead of writing something remarkable today to make up for it, I have to ask you to be patient just a wee bit longer, I’ll even provide new hold music.

Thing is…I am “what iffing” this week.  In a big way.  But rather than hash it all out now I need to wait for just a second.  My mind is consumed with something and if I write about anything else it will be disingenuous.  And I’m not really interested in just writing for the sake of having every box in the calendar highlighted.  I’d much prefer to write about what’s actually going through my pretty little head.

So please bare with me.  And in the mean time…”Sailing” by Christopher Cross.  Or “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” by Leo Sayer.  Or “Lady” by The Commodores.  Or “Mandy” by Barry Manilow.  Or “Hello” by Lionel Richie.  Or “Islands in the Stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

TODAY:  What if real life craziness sometimes gets in the way of my best laid plans?  Seriously…I haven’t even exercised this week…and when recently (half an hour ago) I had to decide between running or opening Easter candy?  Let’s just say I didn’t choose wisely.  Damn those Whoppers Robin’s Eggs!!!

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