Dance. With. Fate. Make. Out. With. Karma.

Ever since I was little I’ve had this “thing.”  I sometimes meet people and think to myself, or realize later that I’d been thinking it, that THIS person will be significant in my life.  Like when you see a movie or read a book and a character or idea makes a brief appearance and you think “this will matter later.”  I remember meeting A, the woman I wrote about the other day, when I was a kid and being completely mesmerized by her.  I remember feeling like she would be a part of MY story somehow .  For as long as I can remember my world has been peppered with these special people.  Some have been acquaintances, some are former friends that I’m sure will resurface someday, and others are some of my best friends today.

This afternoon I was emailing with Ess.  I was telling her that it occurred to me that in order for something big to happen I may need to venture out into the world a little.  I’m not sure anything big is going to happen in my office/laundry room…aside from big loads of laundry.  She responded with “Ahh good point…dance with fate, make out with karma, I like it!”  I’ve mentioned that my friends are amazing…right?

In high school I had a good friend who lived in my neighborhood…we’ll call him W.  He, my friend EY, and I hung out a lot.  We shared good taste in music, movies, etc.  He left to attend college elsewhere and I saw him here and there in the years that followed.  I did and still do totally adore him.  He’s brilliant, funny, and lovely.  Anyway, after college he settled in a city far away, and I hadn’t seen him in ages.  Several years ago he wrote a book and was going to be in town for a reading.  At the time I remember really really wanting to be a writer.  In fact, we may have even discussed that via email, but that time period is a big fat blur so I can’t be sure.  It was during the time when my husband and I were struggling mightily.  I told W I’d be at his reading and then I stood him up.  Ugh…it was so hard to do ANYTHING during that time aside from just fighting to keep the marriage together.  I have a boat-load of apologies from that time period…but those are for another day.  Anyway, I haven’t spoken with him since, other than a few “Likes” and comments on Facebook now and then.

There’s a woman I’ve met a few times that I swear is part of my story.  I don’t know how, or when, but I’m telling you that I know she will be.  I recently had the opportunity to help on a project with which she was involved.  I wasn’t particularly excited about the specific project but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I really needed to be there.

There are others of these people out there.  Some with whom I’ve lost touch, others I’ve just not done enough to nurture the relationships, but I think my getting out into the world has to include keeping all of these special people in my “circle.”  I think I need to step-up my game here.  I need to reconnect with the people I think know are important to my world even if I don’t know why.  So today I begin my “dance with fate and make out with karma” agenda.

First up…my old friend W recently directed a film that will be highlighted next week at local film festival.  He emailed me today and threatened that I needed to be there “or else.”  This oddly feels like a fabulous opportunity to reconnect with someone special dropping into my lap.  Huh…and I happen to be sitting in my office/laundry room…interesting.  Anyway, Eh and I are going to go.  Because I’m totally the kind of girl who frequents film festivals especially when I know the director.  Obviously.

TODAY:  What if I do a better job of keeping in touch with the people that I know will be a part of my story someday?  What if I do my best to support their efforts, life’s dreams, and attempts at success?  What if I “dance with fate and make out with karma” as much as I possibly can?

PS – Mad props to Ess for coming up with that line!

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