Vacation. All. I. Ever. Wanted.

So it turns out the puppy was throwing up not because of the incessant singing of Demi Lovato, as I’d suspected, but because he had swallowed a rock.  The size of a silver dollar.  And not flat like a silver dollar…nice and round…and big.  Poor Sullivan threw up Saturday, again yesterday, and then last night his tummy was gurgling so loudly that we could hear it from a different level of the house.

Damn it.

We got Sullivan in September and he was nine weeks old.  In late October we had him in emergency surgery (to the tune of $1,300) late on a Monday night because he’d eaten one too many socks and undies of the little girls’ and had decided to mix-in some hair binders.  When we first brought him home, if he spotted a sock or a pair of little undies on the floor, he would gobble it up and swallow it before we could make the four steps to get to him to try to remove it.  He had a thing for cotton.

His need to get as much cotton in his belly as possible has since calmed.  I will still find little pieces of cloth from time to time when poop scooping but for the most part it has stopped.  Now he finds joy in stealing things from our neighbors’ garage and yard.  Thus far he’s brought home two of their shoes (he doesn’t eat them…but he chews them enough for them to be ruined), an Easter basket, two footballs, a Spiderman frisby, several balls, a hat, and some gardening accessories.  We’re constantly adding to the amount of the VISA gift card we know we need to buy them.

This morning we called the vet and, since he’d stopped eating and drinking completely yesterday, we had to bring him in.  They did x-rays and found a rock making its way through his system.  Now…the great news is that because it was in fact making its way through his system it didn’t require surgery.  My bank account is very relieved to hear that.  The bad news is that x-rays and the injection they gave him to calm his tummy and get things moving were…umm…not cheap. 

Tonight after dealing with the dog, homework, walking the dog and doing the dirty work of inspecting after he…umm…”did his business” and finding the rock (ouch!), and making lunches for tomorrow…I’m exhausted.  So so tired.  I’ve been tired a lot lately.  A lot of things have been going on and at night we’ve found ourselves comatose in front of the TV with little to no energy.  When I wake up in the morning all I want to do is sleep for JUST.  A.  LITTLE.  BIT.  LONGER.  It’s been an eventful few months and we need a vacation so badly.

Last year at this time we had just returned from our annual trip to Vegas.  We were relaxed and happy.  Right now I feel like we need a break.  Here, my friends, is the problem.  A break or a vacation is not in the cards right now.  As I look at the remainder of this week through Saturday there is something every single night.  Two of which are work related, three of which are not, none of which (at this very second) do I feel like doing.  The problem is, however, that even if I stayed home my energy would still be tapped and I’d be tired in the morning.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, I’ll tell you what I’m GOING to do, I’m going to enjoy my friend’s success at the film festival tomorrow, I’m going to enjoy a gathering at my girlfriend’s on Wednesday, I’m going to enjoy my husband’s latest work success with a celebration on Thursday, I’m going to…oy this is a tough one…I’m going to enjoy spending the evening with my husband at a work event of mine on Friday, and I’m going to ENJOY the HELL out of Girls’ Night Out on Saturday.  And maybe, just maybe, by the end of the week I’ll feel refreshed by all of the things that currently I DON’T want to do but WILL do.  It could happen…right?

TODAY:  What if I can garner energy by following through with all of my plans this week?  What if instead of taking a vacation (Vegas) I vacate my “stay at home and watch TV” agenda for the week and get out into the world?

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