This will be short. It’s been a whirlwind of a day and I will have a lot to talk about in tomorrow’s post.

It’s Girls’ Night Out tonight. All day I’ve been lamenting about what to wear. Nothing felt good enough, or cute enough, or hot enough, or young enough. I was ready to settle. Jeans and a sweater. Comfy, safe, and…well…straight-up boring.

Nope. Not going to work. I am NOT calling it in for this GNO.

Okay. I’m wearing leggings. And heels. And I am FREAKED OUT. But I decided to think outside the box and try to actually look cute.

I am headed out. In leggings. A teensy bit self conscious. But I’m doing it damn it!!!

TODAY: What if I step outside of my comfort zone, think outside of the box, and just GO FOR IT.

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