Experiencing. Technical. Difficulties.

As if to punctuate the hellish day I’ve had, my computer just died.

Today was the kind of day that can only be described through one of three kinds of posts. A for one, I could explain how the final nail in the coffin at work came today in the form of a pitchfork. B for two, I could write something meaningful and profound about finally feeling okay about running away screaming as fast as I can. Or c for three, I could go another direction completely and write about something positive to detract from the sh-tty day I’m just now ending.

I had decided to go with Option C when my computer died. It wasn’t any good anyway. I was writing about things for which I’m grateful…but it had turned sarcastic and snarky. So…perhaps my computer dying was a sign?

Sometimes after a day like today I just need time to be quiet and shake my head.

TODAY: What if I spare you the details and the crabby attitude and just tell you I’m thankful for you? What if tomorrow is another day and is sure to bring lots of smiles, laughter, and great material for this blog? What if I decide that tomorrow is going to be the best day of my week thus far?

PS – Due to my computer dying I’m typing this on my phone. I apologize in advance for any potential errors!

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