It. Will. Be. Mine. Oh. Yes. It. Will. Be. Mine.

In March of 1992 I turned 16. For my birthday, my step-Dad D took several of my girlfriends and me to see “Wayne’s World.” And it was…like…amazing dude. My girlfriends and I laughed to the point of crying. And in the part in which they are jamming out in Garth’s Gremlin to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a song we’d never heard before at the time, I realized that D was also laughing very hard (and loud…ssshhh!!!) from several rows behind us. My girlfriend Eh and I didn’t just love the movie…we LOVED the movie. We thought it was the funniest thing we’d ever seen. And we’ve quoted it ever since. In fact, she even quoted “Wayne’s World” in the speech she gave at my wedding.

Which now that I’m writing this…sounds incredibly dorky…and I just want to state for the record that we are most certainly not dorks.

Ahem. Moving on. In the movie, Wayne covets a particular guitar (a 1964 Pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster if you’re wondering), and he visits it every Friday night. He proclaims that it will be his…OH YES…it will be his. So…as a loyal fan of the movie…I too have been proclaiming that things (or people) will be mine since Spring of 1992. And much of the time? It works.

Okay, yes, so I don’t yet have a Porsche like Dylan McKay had. And yes, I may not have married a Dayton or a Kennedy, but I do really like my husband so that’s just fine. But ask anyone and they’ll tell you I said this about my senior year boyfriend, and people doubted me, but we dated for like a whole year. And I said it about the college into which I’d be accepted. And I’ve said it about job after job after job. And really, I swear, it does work.

In recent years, I’ve quoted “Wayne’s World” less and less. Primarily because my husband, who is not a fan, just doesn’t appreciate it the way I’d hoped. I say something like “who’s Anthony??? Who’s Anthony???” and he answers with “what?! Who IS Anthony?” Worthless. But the idea that you can throw a want or need out into the universe and have it come to you? That has stayed with me. As I’ve said in past posts..saying it out loud makes it so.

Let me bring you up to speed on the past couple weeks. I told you that I decided to join a weight loss adventure and that I meant business, I wanted to learn to cook, the bottom of our gas grill fell out and I asked for a new one to please drop from the sky (I knew this was far-fetched), and I also wrote out some really important personal goals for this summer. Yes…well here’s an update…

  • Weight Loss Adventure – Six lbs lost in a week and a half. What?!
  • Cooking – I have made all sorts of crazy things!
  • Grill – It may not have fallen from the sky, which is probably a really good thing, but by crazy and unexpected circumstances we do have a BRAND SPANKING NEW GRILL. I mean…seriously?!
  • Goals – I have already checked several things off of my summer list. Within two weeks of having written it. Big ones like planning a trip to visit ailing relatives in AZ (July!), trying Pilates to see if I can do it without pain (success. I’m now in a weekly class!), and writing more often.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes saying it out loud, putting it in print, and throwing it out is all it takes for things to happen. So today I’m asking you to throw things out into the universe by way of the comments section below or via Twitter (follow me at @theyearofwhatif) using the hashtag #sayingitoutloudmakesitso. What do YOU want? What do you want to ACCOMPLISH? WHAT IF the energy of your saying it out loud, and all of us acknowledging it, will start to make things happen in all of our lives! Wouldn’t that be incredible? See what I’m saying about this Village of What Iffers thing?

TODAY: What if we all work together to manifest each other’s wants and needs?

PS – I’m not saying “Wayne’s World” is cinematic greatness…or Oscar-worthy…it’s just very very funny.

5 thoughts on “It. Will. Be. Mine. Oh. Yes. It. Will. Be. Mine.

  1. I want my husband to understand that you can be great, but other people need to HEAR you! I want him to stand up for what he is worth! He is smart and incredibly talented, I want him to OWN that!

  2. My drummer! It’s like everyone just does things to get paid. Benjamin had you so snowed. From these heights you could really hock a loogy on someone.

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