Surrounded. By. Water. And. Joy.

Today when I walked into my house between meetings, my plan had been to send a few emails, and then to turn around and head out again.  I walked in, sifting through the pile of mail I’d picked-up on my way in, and soon realized my feet were wet.  Very  VERY wet.  I raised my gaze and found my basement.  Flooded.  Again.  This time not due to rain, although we got a lot last night.  No, this time it was because I started our washing machine prior to leaving two hours before.  And it started to fill but didn’t.  It continued to try to fill and instead poured water all over my laundry room (office) floor.  For two hours.  If I had been in the office today, the entire basement would have flooded, including Sullivan’s kennel, and we would have had one hell of a water bill for June.  Thank goodness I got home after just two hours.

It was one of those moments in which I could have felt violent or I could have laughed.  Considering this was the second time in a month that I was using a shop vac to suck-up water in work attire…laughter seemed the only real option.  Seriously?  First the grill dies and now the washer?  Not to mention our dryer has been staining our clothes from time to time.  Meaning…if we’re going to get a washer?  We might as well get a dryer at the same time.  Son of a b-tch.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  With things as serious as family health scares and as small as my quitting Diet Coke (I’m on day 15 people!).  My husband has been in the throes of finishing his school term and surviving a very busy time at work.  I’ve lost 8 lbs by eating better (and cooking!), I’ve started Pilates which has really helped my injury, and I’ve been going to the gym again with my husband to lift weights.

Spending more time together has allowed my husband and I to have some really honest and raw conversations.  It’s amazing how, when you lead fast-paced and busy lives, you don’t REALLY talk about things.  And then when you do it feels so refreshing and your relationship feels so much more solid.

Our past couple of weeks have been filled with emotional rollercoasters, successes, fear and sadness, and joy.  Tonight my husband and I took the puppy for a walk.  As we walked through our neighborhood we were able to really reflect on how incredibly lucky and fortunate we are.  Sure…there are challenges…some of which we face each and every day.  But regardless of the health scares, and the recurring flood in my laundry room (office), and the chaos that seems to find us along the way, we still know that we are so very blessed.

Maybe it’s the lack of Diet Coke and/or processed food…but I’m sitting in my office, feet soaking wet because apparently I didn’t get all the wet carpet tiles up, to my right is a broken washer with dirty clothes still in it, to my left is a pile of paperwork the size of the Sears Tower needing to be filed, and yet I’m happy.  Because damn it…I really like my husband a whole lot, and my family is truly remarkable, and while it is going to suck SO BAD, we can afford to replace the washer machine and dryer, and we have a happy family.  Not everyone can say that.  Hell…there are days that I can’t say that.  But today I can say it with confidence.  Which I think is worth celebrating.

And days like this make me want to work harder to have MORE days like this.  So the things in my life that make me unhappy?  They might need to go.  Finally.

TODAY:  What if on days where everything feels “just right” we take the time to recognize and celebrate them.  What if we embrace these happy days and do all we can to eliminate the things that make us unhappy?  And what if I’m better about being grateful ALL the time?

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