The. Brilliance. In. Bliss.

In retrospect, it’s been a good week.  On Tuesday, when I was in so much pain I could barely stand it?  It didn’t feel like a good day.  And on Wednesday, when I got bad unacceptable news from a doctor?  It didn’t feel like a good day.  And yesterday, when I had an epidural steroid injection?  It most certainly did not feel like a good day.  Can I just say?  I thought the going rate for an epidural these days was a baby.  I walked out of that place a) without a baby, b) without the temporary pain relief they promised, and c) straight into the “it’ll get worse before it gets better” phase.  I’m not a fan.

But I’ve had a lovely Friday.  A good good Friday indeed.  And I’m able to look back at my week and remember some very good things.

  • This afternoon I surprised my oldest little girl with a date.  We try to give our little girls alone time with us from time to time and they so love the dates we take them on.  Today we went out for lunch, got a manicure and pedicure, stopped by Target to grab her a couple pair of much-needed shorts, and then came home to read together.  She was so surprised and grateful and excited.  PS – I would normally choose a bright fun summer color…but for those of you who have been reading for a while you’ll recall the unfortunate meeting between my big toe and a 25 lb. weight?  Yes…well THAT left quite a mark.  And now I’m relegated to dark toe nail polish during summer.  Sigh.

    Our Newly Polished Toes
  • My little girls have found great friends in a pair of sisters who live within spitting distance of our house.  Tonight we’re hosting our first sleepover with these girls and they are all so excited to be together.  While the activity, and enthusiasm, and chaos, and sheer noise is exponentially higher than it is when it’s just our girls…it reminds me of the sleepovers from my own childhood.  I remember my mom just laughing at how much we would giggle…and now I’m doing the same.
Two Pairs of Friends
  • And then there’s this.  A couple of weeks ago our basement flooded due to a broken washing machine.  We were so bummed to learn we’d need to replace it…but now?  They are beautiful, and shiny, and they sing to me when I open them.  I mean…how can you not love appliances that sing???  It almost makes laundry feel more fun…almost.

    Singing Appliances
  • And finally, in my pain-induced haze the other day I was able to really zero in on what I want to be when I grow up.  What I REALLY want.  And now that I’ve made the decision I’m leaving the rest to fate.  It’ll happen the way it happens…but mark my words…it’s going to happen.

So regardless of the struggles with pain this week…all in all…it’s been a really good one.  There is a lot of brilliance in reflecting on the bliss of the week.  It allows you to wave goodbye to the rough parts and bask in the good stuff!

TODAY:  What if I hold on tightly to the good things and simply turn the page on the challenging parts of each week.  What if there is true brilliance in savoring the bliss I encounter?

PS – For all sorts of bliss check out Liv Lane’s The Little Bliss List!

2 thoughts on “The. Brilliance. In. Bliss.

  1. Wonderful bliss list and reminds us all that there is a little sunshine behind every cloud. I love the pic of the two sets of friends. Enjoy your singing laundry time.

  2. What a wonderful list out of a truly awful sounding week. So many special moments with and for your girls. Can’t wait to go see what you’re going to be when you grow up. I figured it out this week too! Must be in the air! Hope this week is blissful, pain-free, and full of singing laundry!

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