A. Wickedly. Wonderful. Week.

While it’s been a long week, and today has been a particularly challenging day, in retrospect it’s been wickedly wonderful.  All of it.  So rather than talk about the rough patches (we’ll save that for tomorrow shall we?) I’m going to focus on the good stuff.

Nothing screams adulthood like this does…alleluia I have finally reached my deductible for my health insurance.  YES!!!  Right in time for my annual dermatology appointment where they search for skin cancer with a fine-toothed comb.  I can see a chiropractor, I can get additional MRIs (should I have any desire), hell I could have crazy surgery if needed, and I’d only pay a measly 20%.  This my friends?  Was like winning the lottery.  I’ve been bemoaning my insurance plan all year and now?  It’s my favorite thing ever.  Yahoo!!!

Speaking of the dermatology appointment…it was so kind of the clinic to play Boys II Men over the speakers while the doctor looked over every inch of my body.  I sat giggling as the doctor told her nurse which moles we need to keep an eye on and 90s make-out music played softly in the background.  Who knew people would still be using R&B to loosen me up in otherwise awkward situations at 36 years old?  I didn’t…but I liked it!

And then?  This weight loss adventure I’m on?  Yes well I’ve just reached six weeks and I’ve lost 16 lbs.  I’ll be honest…I can’t really see a difference I think because it’s happening quickly and I’ve been so busy…but seriously!  I’m so close to half-way there.  This was truly a wonderful surprise.

You know my wicked awesome girlfriends?  I speak of them often because they are amazing.  Well this week proved a couple of things.  My close girlfriends may be f-cking amazing, but so are the friends and acquaintances I have with whom I’m not as tight.  I’ll tell you what…I’ve never felt more supported in my life.  The women with whom I keep company…even if that’s just an email here and there…they are absolutely the best in the world.  THE BEST.  Today, in the midst of a small crisis, my good girlfriends were there and ready.  I had to email Pea this afternoon to thank her for saving my life a little bit today.  I am so so grateful for these wonderful women.  I hope every single one of them knows who they are and realizes how very integral they are to my being.  Ooof…verclempt.

Due to summer schedules we’ve gone two weekends without our little girls.  We’ve still had them our two nights each week but have missed them so.  We got them back today for the weekend and I kind of just want to hug them until they go back to the other house next Wednesday.  I fear they’d wiggle free, however, so we have a lovely and relaxing weekend planned.  Every once and awhile when they come back to us, it feels like we’ve been holding our breath since they’ve left.  They walk in the door and we are finally able to breathe again.  It felt like that tonight and I’m so pleased to have a full house!

And finally, with this long day over, my husband and I are taking a rare opportunity to go to bed early.  We never get to crawl into bed before ten but tonight it’s going to happen.  And that my friends is wickedly wonderful.

TODAY:  What if even the things that prove we are most certainly not kids, or young adults, or even in our early 30s anymore, are the things that make us happy?  What if we revel in the good stuff even if it’s little, or ridiculous, or simply the result of being older and wiser?  And what if I work my (now smaller and skin-cancer-free) a-s off to have a wickedly wonderful weekend?!


3 thoughts on “A. Wickedly. Wonderful. Week.

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