State. Of. The. Union.

First off, I can’t believe it’s been a full week since I’ve written.  Well…I’ve written alright…but since I’ve posted anything.  I’m making a proclamation right this second to get back to posting every day.  I actually made said proclamation to myself last week but then some stuff happened and I got sidetracked…more on that later…but now I’m saying it out loud so there is no turning back!

In most organizations for which I’ve worked, each year, the department or region or organization as a whole has gone on some sort of retreat to asses the state of the organization.  Through reflection, team building activities, strategic planning, brainstorming, looking at what we can do better, recognizing what we do well, we’ve been able to leave after a couple of days feeling refreshed, refocused, and have a clear vision of where we are going.  I’ve been involved in retreats in the backyard of my boss, at spas, and in Chicago.  Regardless of location or of the level of swank, I always go into these retreats dreading every moment and wishing I could get out of it, and leave the retreats energized and ready to really hunker down and do great things.

Last week my husband and I tackled a conversation that has been bubbling.  Not a bad one, just one that will take some time and some soul-searching, and could be a big game changer.  This conversation, because of all it entails, brought up many many subsequent conversations about the current state of our marriage.  Still today, a week later, new conversations are coming up several times throughout the day.

We’ve been through a lot, he and I, and we’re grateful to have made it to a point where we’re really happy together.  We have so much fun, enjoy each other’s company, respect each other enormously, and really truly like each other.  Like any couple, however, there are things about me that stress him out and there are things about him that stress me out.  The good news is that we’ve kind of figured out how to navigate these things and really get to the bottom of what the other is trying to communicate.  Most of the time.

Over the past several days we’ve had so many BIG conversations.  Regarding our jobs, our money, our kids, our dog, our house, our future, our past, and where and who we want to be as individuals, as a couple, and as a family.  I dreaded the conversation that started all of this but now?  I’m starting to feel refreshed and ready to get to the work of creating our future.

It’s easy to lose sight of the point, right?  With children, and work, and all of the responsibilities that we pile on top of our heads it’s hard to clearly see what we’re running towards.  While going through this process is sometimes challenging, painful, even heartbreaking at times, it’s also so incredibly necessary for us in order to maintain the relationship we’ve worked so hard to enjoy.  And that?  That feels like the most rewarding thing ever.

TODAY:  What if going through a strategic planning process for our marriage will ensure we stay on the same page and the right track to get us where we want to be?


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