Village. Of. Visionaries.

Each year on Christmas Eve we attend the 9pm candlelit service at our church. Our church has the most amazing music. In fact, often times if I close my eyes, it’s as if I’m at the symphony instead of in church. Add candles, Handel’s Messiah, and other Christmas carols? And you have pure Christmas magic.

Several years ago we slowly made our way through blizzard-like conditions to attend this particular service. It was beautiful. And peaceful. And I could not have felt more desperate. Our marriage was falling apart. I was fairly certain this would be our last Christmas together. And it was devastating.

During the service, as they do in every service, they said prayers for the church. Things like “please be with John Smith’s family as they deal with the death of his father.” And the congregation responds with “hear our prayer.” During this portion of the service, on that peaceful snowy Christmas Eve, I silently begged for us to figure it out. ‘PLEASE let my husband’s anger subside!’ I pled. Followed by a full congregation saying “hear our prayer.” ‘PLEASE let me figure out these challenging family relationships.’ “Hear our prayer.” ‘PLEASE let us hang on until we can start to heal.’ “Hear our prayer.” It felt incredibly therapeutic to quietly plead for the life of my marriage and have nearly 1,000 people respond with “hear our prayer.” Even if they weren’t responding to me…it felt like they were.

Early the following spring the anger did subside, we did find better ways to deal with the girls’ other family, and we hung on and began to heal. So many things contributed to our being able to survive but I always thought that the church congregation echoing my prayers certainly didn’t hurt.

There are magical things brewing. This is a fact and I feel it all around me. There are pretty incredible things in the works for people I love and I have my fingers crossed that they will manifest themselves. They are game changers. LIFE changers. Things that could absolutely turn their worlds upside down…in a GOOD way. I’m so hopeful that these things will come to fruition for them because they deserve it.

In addition, I have friends who are realizing happiness and professional success like never before. One of my girlfriends has been struggling for a while. As she comes up on her 36th birthday (36? It’s the new 25. In case you hadn’t heard.) she is in a better place than she’s been in years. She’s so excited to celebrate her birthday because she’s truly happy. And she’s on the other side of a very difficult period of her life. I know how that feels and there is quite possibly nothing better.

Yet another, who has experienced a couple professional set-backs along the way, and has been working her tail off to get back on top finally did just that. She’s found a company that values her skill set, pays accordingly, and she gets to go to work each day and have fun. As she told me the other day…”they are going to pay me that to go to work and play every day?!”

That right there? That’s magical stuff. I almost feel like there’s fairy dust swirling around the people in my life right now. I’m feeling so joyful about it on their behalf, I so love to see the people I hold dear get the good things they deserve, but you know what? I’m in need of a little magic myself. Yes indeedy…spread some of that fairy dust over here please?

Pretty please?

Yesterday I told you I’d made a decision. No more being miserable. Time to step-up efforts to stop the insanity. Well…turns out some magic might actually be needed sooner rather than later. There may be something sparkly on my horizon too but it’s going to take a bunch of magic, a whole lot of luck, and some very very good thoughts coming my way. And if this particular sparkly opportunity isn’t in the cards, I know there will be one, or four, or ten behind it, but I’m in the market for magic nonetheless.

Here’s what I’m proposing to you…village of what iffers…what if we become our very own “prayer group.” And because I tend to shy away from anything overly religious, or anything that could exclude anyone, I’m going to call it a Village of Visionaries (I feel like Jesus would be a fan of that). I am asking for a whole lot of good thoughts, and magic sending, and well wishes, and crossed fingers. I’m going to need them.

But I’d venture to guess some of you have potential good things around the corner yourselves. So what if those of us who need good thoughts sent our way tell us so in the comments section? I am more than happy to send good vibes to anyone who needs them. It’s not like my stash of good thoughts can dry up, right? I mean…I’ve got tons to spare. What if as a Village of Visionaries we help each other manifest our dreams by ASKING for the good thoughts and crossed fingers we think we need and GIVING them to others who need them?

What do you think???

TODAY: What if we support each other by sending good thoughts when they are needed by others in our “village?” What if I ask you for your good thoughts/magic/crossed fingers/prayers/well wishes when I feel like it might help manifest those sparkly opportunities in my and my loved ones’ futures?

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