Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. Well.

You should know that anytime I’m able to quote Ladies Love Cool James, I will absolutely do just that.

I’ve long known, if not consciously certainly subconsciously, that when I work hard and do my best good things come my way. When I complain, lament, do things half a-sed, and pout like a child, however, I end up feeling stuck with no way out. So it stands to reason that with my recent commitment to push ahead, giving my all, things will fall into place to propel me forward.

This week, time has bent to accommodate me. Several times I found myself with no reasonable shot at making it to meetings on time. The traffic and construction have made driving around the cities a frigging nightmare. And yet, I kept telling myself I’d make it…and not to freak out (I HATE being late), and each time I arrived right on time. Someone once told me that I had the ability to bend time. When I first heard that, to be honest, I thought it was crazy new age bullsh-t. Prior to that conversation I often felt paralyzed by what I saw as a lack of time. Not enough time to love my little girls the way I want to when we only have them half-time. Not enough time to get everything done with our crazy schedules. Not enough time to be the wife I want to be. Not enough time to be the friend I want to be. After I heard about my time-bending superpowers, however, I’ve never once felt short on time. What a relief! I’ve wasted so much energy fretting over the time I didn’t have and now I just sit back, relax, and know that time is under my control.

I’ve been talking about “big changes” and “exciting things” happening with this blog for a while now. And while those things are very true…thus far they’ve only been happening in my mind. This week I reached out to a designer who will help me make the lovely ideas swirling about my brain a reality. I’m not sure when it will all show up on your screens but it’s coming and I’m so pleased to be taking action to make this “place” more me.

Yesterday I weighed-in at my weight loss adventure. Having not measured me since I started at the beginning of June, the sweet girl with whom I was meeting thought it was a good time to check-in on measurements. The yellow tape came out and she measured my arms, hips, waist, chest, and thighs. She then carefully measured a piece of ribbon, wrote something on it, and handed it to me.

Holy hell!

Initially I wondered what in the world I would do with a ribbon proclaiming I’d lost 13.5 inches. And then I realized I have a blog, and why wouldn’t I include that in the blissful things I’d experienced this week?! And yes you read that correctly! In ten weeks I HAVE LOST 13.5 INCHES. I’m not sure how that’s even possible but I have a blue ribbon to prove it. The adventure continues to go so well and I’m excited at the speed in which I’m approaching my goal. Fabulous!

Yesterday I woke up not knowing if I was a millionaire or not. I had Powerball tickets tucked in my purse just waiting to be thrown into a machine at some gas station. I stopped on my way back to the office from a meeting. The first few were the same old thing. “Not a winner.” “Not a winner.” And then something amazing happened. One of the tickets was spit out the bottom of the machine and in big bold black letters it said “WINNER.” Wait…what?! Winner you say? I was the proud winner of $4. So it wasn’t the $320 million…but $4 is $4. And to be honest, the ticket that said WINNER in bold letters was even more exciting to me. It’s okay, I’m pretty sure I have Publisher’s Clearing House in the bag this year, but I now have confirmation that I’m a winner nonetheless!

Today I had the opportunity to take my oldest little girl to a local cake shop to order her birthday cake. Yes, it’s a month early. And yes, this is a cake that will be eagerly inhaled by eight and nine-year-olds. But the cakes are just as reasonable as those purchased at Target, and they are BEAUTIFUL. She was in awe of the gorgeous and intricate cakes on display and we ordered something that she will be so excited to share with her friends. We hadn’t had a “date” in several weeks and it was a perfect way to end a fabulous week.

Amazed at the cakes!

And finally, we have such exciting plans for the weekend. I’ve been looking forward to them all week with anticipation and glee. We are planning to do…wait for it…NOTHING. Weeeee!!! I’m so eager to stay in jammies/sweats and clean the house, do laundry, clear out flower beds, and work on the plans for this blog. We haven’t had a weekend like this in ages and the thought of it makes my heart flutter. Summers are so difficult because we always try to pack-in as much as humanly possible. A couple of months later I always realize that the house looks like hell, we have no clean clothes in our drawers, and for some reason the yard looks like the house has been abandoned. I have a To Do List that could put all others to shame and I am ready to start checking things off the list. In yoga pants and with no make-up on. Ahhhh…BLISS.

If nothing else, this week has proven that if I stay focused, keep doing my best work, and keep a positive attitude, everything else will fall into place as I hope it will. Which…I know…duh. But it was a great reminder.

TODAY: What if the only way to get to the next great thing is to attack the current mediocre things with passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm?

3 thoughts on “Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. Well.

  1. I think you can attack almost anything with passion, knowledge and enthusiasm if LL Cool J is playing in the background (or in your mind). And so when you say a lot of the changes have been taking place in your head, I think, “That’s a great way to start!”

    And I’m developing an appreciation for all things beautiful. I’m craving cake.

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