Louis. Vuitton. Handbags. Don’t. Buy. Themselves.

This post is to be read with THIS playing in the background.  It will make it so much better…I promise.

I could shop every day of my life and never tire of it.  I don’t even need to spend money (although I’m a big fan of doing so) I just really love to be shopping.  I love to look at handbags, cosmetics, shoes, clothing, and jewelry.  When I was single, and having a particularly bad day, I used to soothe myself with trips to DSW or the mall.  I like being amongst bustling shoppers (one of my favorite parts of Christmas!), I love to be treated to good (I mean really good) customer service, and I just love shopping.

Here’s the thing.  Louis Vuitton handbags don’t buy themselves.  Which…RUDE.  I know.  But it’s the sad sad truth.  Nor do Hermes scarves, Burberry wraps, or…let’s get real…clothes from Banana Republic.  So we, like everyone else (until I win my Publisher’s Clearing House fortune next week), have to work hard for our money.  And we have to pay for things like…oh I don’t know…daycare.  Which by the way, in MN, has just recently surpassed the cost of COLLEGE.

Financially, it’s been a tough year for us.  I know, I’ve whined about this enough, but the taxes we’ve had to pay this year have made it a less than stellar year.  Instead of date nights out at our favorite restaurants, followed by shopping, we’ve been hanging out at home.  Instead of having our bathroom remodeled we’ve taken it on ourselves meaning we will be living with a half-done bathroom for a good long time.  We take on new aspects of the project as we can afford it.  We’ve been living lean but could still do better.

Giving to nonprofit organizations about which I’m passionate has also had to go on hold.  It’s so important to me to support organizations with missions close to my heart.  I’ve felt particularly ornery this summer, as the political campaigns have been kicked into high gear, not to be able to contribute financially.

This morning I had an epiphany of sorts.  I say “of sorts” because it’s relatively obvious and I guess I’ve been ignoring it.  But I need to step-up my game.  I need to be thinking bigger.  I need to be looking higher.  I’ve been flying under the radar, moving through the summer cautiously, and it’s time to stand up and not only knock on opportunity’s door…but kick it in.  It’s time people.  I have WAY more in me than just this.

TODAY:  What if I take this financial situation by the ears and turn it on its head?  I’m not stupid, I’m not without knowledge, and skill, and talent…so what if I just go ahead and USE all of those attributes of mine and kick some a-s?

PS – Is there anything better than Donna Summer on a gloomy Thursday afternoon?  I mean really.

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