Don’t. Know. What. You. Got. ‘Till. It’s. Gone.

It’s too good not to share…​


So you know when things are really rough, or really great, and you just sail along either dealing with the challenges life throws your way or enjoying the happiness that is your life?  And then after a while you realize you’ve neglected some pretty important parts of you?  Yes…well…

I’ve been sailing along, enjoying the happiness that is my life (phew!), and in the past couple days I’ve had some startling reminders that have made me realize I’ve neglected some things.  Things that I love.  Things that are integral to who I am.  And while I’ve been neglecting them for good reasons (i.e. loving my job, having great fun with my husband, spending fabulous time with my little girls, working on house projects, etc.), they’ve been neglected nonetheless. ​

Last Thursday I was supposed to have wine with some of my girlfriends.  I didn’t realize until late morning that day that it was on my calendar and that there was no way I could make it.  Not to mention, I was charged with planning it, and I’d done nothing.  I emailed a general message saying there would be no wine, and that maybe I’d see them next month.​

To be clear…that’s unlike me.  Incredibly so.​  But after sending the email I never thought about it again (until now) and I went about my merry day.

​Yesterday, one of my best girlfriends emailed.  I haven’t spoken with her or seen her in far too long.  Usually she’s the one who’s too busy to respond or get together but she emailed and told me she missed me.  Asked when we could get together.  I didn’t take the time to read the message for several hours, let alone respond, and then I forgot about it.  Completely.

Today, I was reminded how much I love writing.  I mean…I love it so so much.  When I write regularly I feel so fulfilled.  And proud.  In the past couple months, however, I’ve been so at peace, and relaxed, and fulfilled, and full of joy that I haven’t even been bringing my computer home at night.  I used to spend so much time checking Facebook, and Twitter, and other blogs, and online magazines and newspapers, but lately I’ve just wanted to come home and BE.​  I’ve even been skipping out on Real Housewives reunions for the love of Pete (my DVR is painfully full)!  But our lives have been too lovely to not actually LIVE them.  Actively.

No computer at home = no writing.​  There have been fleeting moments when I’ve thought ‘I want to write tonight!’ but the idea of punching out an entire post on an iPad leaves a lot to be desired.  So I just haven’t.

Today, I had the opportunity to check-in with several friends I hadn’t talked to in a good while.  Several of them wondered why I hadn’t been writing lately.  And as I reflected, and realized it was because things had been so lovely, I realized that some of the only things that could make life better right now (aside from a lottery win) would be to bring back the things I’ve been neglecting.   ​

There is no reason I should be missing time with girlfriends.  I love that time, cherish it with all of my heart, and I’d be so pleased to be there without feeling unhappy about something.  And making time to connect with friends, even though I’m busy, is never going to be a pain in the ass.  It will always brighten my day.  And writing?  Oh my God…simply bringing my computer home tonight had me feeling straight-up giddy.​

I had no idea I missed my girlfriends and my writing so much!  These are the things about which I feel most passionate and yet I’ve let myself get behind.  It’s time to reintroduce the things that were always good, that always made me happy, to my life.​

TODAY:  What if I take the time to get back to some of the things and people that I adore?​  So so glad to be back!

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