The. Universe. And. I. Are. Like. This.

I’ve started several different posts today.  One about the amazing transformation my house made over the weekend (I have before and after pictures…it’s fabulous!), one about the many people around me who seem to be embroiled in drama (I want nothin’ to do with it!), one about recognizing one of my less than flattering traits in someone else and thus understanding why I have to change, and more.

While I had a lot to say in each of those posts, and I knew they’d be good, I kept getting stuck.  Or maybe distracted is a better way to put it.  Distracted with what I really want to talk about.  The truth is, I’ve been walking around for the past couple of weeks feeling like I have a huge secret that must be kept from everyone.  Like I’ve been keeping something big under wraps.  Wondering when someone is going to find me out.  Trying to keep my smirking to a minimum.  And the craziest part is…I’m not even sure what it is…but I know something big is on the horizon.

I’m not sure about you, but the Universe sends me emails every day Monday through Friday.  It’s true…

One of last week's messages from the Universe.
One of last week’s messages from the Universe.

Lately, the messages have been more spot-on.  More in-line with the hopes and dreams that swirl through my head each day.  And a couple of weeks ago I was overcome by a calm and a knowledge that everything is going to turn out exactly as it should (and exactly how I hope) and that all I need to do is have faith (obviously).

This comes at the same time I’m reading a fascinating book about the wife of Noah (as in…& the Ark).  Which, as you can imagine, is chalk full of stories of faith that flies in the face of reason.  Maybe it’s reading this book, or maybe it’s the Universe sending me messages that are incredibly relevant and timely, or maybe it’s simply that I’ve remembered how important The Secret is…but I’m telling you…I believe with every fiber of my being that something is coming.  Something that’s going to rock my and my family’s world in the best way possible.

I feel like I used to (and admittedly still do) when I went to bed the night before Christmas, or the night before going to Disney, and I could barely contain myself.  The difference, however, is then I knew what was coming and when.  Right this second I don’t.  And I’m not really sure what to do with myself in the absence of that knowledge.

The only things I know to do are to express gratitude nearly every second of every day, make my hopes and dreams crystal clear for the Universe to pick-up on, put out into the world what I want to receive back, and expect that every single thing about which I dream is in reach and already exists in my future.  I always say that saying it out loud makes it so…I’m putting my faith in that and telling you what I’ve been holding inside these past couple of weeks…and I’m crossing my fingers!

TODAY:  What if instead of thinking of posts that might be good and timely, I talk about what’s really on my mind, and brace myself for the remarkable thing(s) coming my way?

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