I’ve had one of those days in which, about a third of the way through, my emails became laced with profanities.  I was responding to an email from one of my girlfriends and when the spell check launched I realized there were nearly ten swear words.  Within two paragraphs.

Shortly thereafter, I checked FB quick, and there were an unusually high number of status updates filled with hashtags.  Remember my violent feelings about emoticons?  Yes.  Well.  I now have that same seething hatred for hashtags.  In Twitter I understand…I even use them.  And some strategically placed hashtags here and there to be funny?  Yes.  Constant use of them?  I just don’t get it.

#itsf-ckingannoying  #seriously  #istherenootherwayyoucouldconveythismessagewithoutaslewofhashtags???

Sorry for that.  Can you technically use question marks in hashtags?


I feel like I have things to talk about but lack the patience to eloquently express any of it.  I also lack the ability to remember all of the things I’d thought about writing tonight.  It’s been a day.  So tonight we’re doing bullet points.

#lazy  #neveragainipromise  #tomorrowwillbebetteriswear

  • Last week I had dinner with girlfriends from high school because…wait for it…we are starting to plan our 20 year high school reunion.  Do you have any idea how excited I am about this?!  My 10 year was one of the best times I’ve had.  That assessment may have something to do with the alcohol induced blur over the whole evening.  Our 15 year was a couple of months prior to my wedding and…I was just not in a good place.  WE were not in a good place.  So I felt less excited to really engage with people.  I adore my classmates, so it was still fun, but I was pretty reserved.  We have the date set for next summer and I can hardly contain myself.  Is it strange that I’m already thinking about what I’ll wear?
  • I started training for the ten mile this weekend.  I would say that’s really awesome and exciting (it is) but today I’m walking around like a very old woman who has misplaced her walker.  It ain’t pretty.  I ran four (slow) miles yesterday and today it hurts.  It hurts bad.  Thank goodness Aych and I were able to go to hot yoga tonight!!!
I love pretty new running shoes!
I love pretty new running shoes!
  • My husband and I had so much fun this past weekend.  We shopped, and shopped, and shopped (and strangely didn’t come home with anything but these pretty new shoes).  We used to shop all the time…he loves it and lord knows I’d do it every single day if I could (lottery where art thou???).  We looked for patio doors, mens suits, sunglasses, perfume…you name it and we likely had fleeting thoughts that we should find it.  Our shopping trip spanned three malls and one building material outlet store on the other side of town.  It was AWESOME.
  • You know how when you decide to do something different with your hair people suddenly love your current hair?  I’ve worn it straight recently and have received tons of compliments.  With my new style I won’t really be able to wear it straight.  Which leaves me entirely perplexed.  See above for before and below for proposed after pictures.  Thoughts?  I’m 99.9% sure I’m still going to do it and have no idea why I’m getting compliments on this dumb hair…but still…
Proposed After
Proposed After


  • Finally, I am four days away from a six day vacation.  Six.  Days.  And by vacation I mean I’ll be home with the little girls.  We have such fun things planned!  I haven’t been away from work for that many consecutive days in ages.  I’m pretty excited!

I kind of feel like I just told you a whole lot of nothing.






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