Ten. Miles. To. Something. Good.


For months now, tomorrow’s 10 mile race has been staring me down. I’ve been avoiding the thought of it (I just sat down to read my race packet 15 minutes ago). An injury that flared up stopped my training and, in turn, stopped me completely.

It made for a challenging ten weeks. Physically and mentally. It’s been rather eye-opening.

Did I finish my training program? Nope. Did I finish any of the really long runs I was supposed to? Nope. Am I ready for tomorrow’s race? Yes!

For some reason I feel like tomorrow’s race is going to be the start of something remarkable. I’ll have a sore body to be sure. But aside from the physical pain I think it’s going to be transformational.

I’m ready to run ten miles in the cold (and possibly rain) to put an end to the rough couple of months I’ve had leading up to it. And I cannot wait!

Bring it!

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