Organized. And. On. Top. Of. Things.

I just ordered my Christmas cards.  YES.  I.  DID.  Whoop-whoop!

A month ago, I started personalizing cards at Tiny Prints.  I went through the whole process until I reached the check-out page, and was astounded at the cost.  ASTOUNDED.  So I did what any respectable girl would do.  I raised my fist at the sky, swore a lot, logged out, and started to investigate ways to actually make my own.

I was going to be so crafty.  I was going to recreate the cards I’d just created online.  I found software for a mere $19.99 and snatched it up.  But it was clunky and, for someone NOT good at design, nearly impossible.  I couldn’t even create a cheesy card let alone mimic the beautiful ones created by real designers.

So I asked a photographer friend of mine for advice.  He told me about another software program.  Also only $19.99.  I got it, went to work, and again realized that I do not have what it takes to make this happen.  Or maybe it’s more about my attention span?  Or lack of free time?  Whatever…I got mad and decided to leave it alone.

Yesterday, we went on our annual pumpkin patch trip, and got “the one.”  The family picture to be used in this year’s card.  Success!  I rushed home, found a coupon for Tiny Prints in my in-box, and found the most lovely Christmas cards of all time.

Still.  Very.  Expensive.

I tried other sites and they were either a) not what I was looking for, or b) amazing but way more expensive.  Damn it!

I decided to do nothing…all the while the expiration date of the coupon was creeping closer.

This morning I made the decision to get them done.  I knew I wouldn’t be happy with anything else.  They were PERFECT.  I bit the bullet and ordered them up (not before falling for some of their really REALLY pretty add-ons…they know just how to get me…bastards).  They will arrive in two weeks.  YES!

I feel incredibly organized and on top of things.  Or I did until I went to hang my jacket up, missed the hook, and it fell into Sullivan’s water dish.  This was promptly followed by me knocking down a full water bottle with the top not properly screwed on.  Water everywhere.

Ah well.  I felt incredibly organized and on top of things at one point today.

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