Vegas. Baby.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but Vegas?  It’s one of our happy places.  We were engaged at the Bellagio, overlooking the fountains, listening to Frank Sinatra.  We went for a short honeymoon there and ventured out to see the Grand Canyon. We love to sit by the pool, people watch, eat out, shop, and just relax.  Our last trip there was over Easter weekend in 2011.  Sigh.

A few weeks ago my husband surprised me.  He’d booked flights for a trip to Vegas in June.  I can’t even tell you how I long for that June date to arrive.  The warm weather, the sun, the shopping…there are no words.  It’s the light at the end of this polar vortex tunnel.

In other news…I’ve been sick since the end of November.  A few weeks ago I learned that I’d been sick over and over, and tired for months, because I had a lovely combination of pneumonia and a sinus infection.  When I’m sick I don’t think about diet and I loathe the gym.  I just want to get better and I stay home in jammises not worrying about what I’m eating or the exercise I’m missing.

Let me tell you where that has left me.  I am better, the meds worked, but I feel like sh-t.  Which makes me want to get into jammies and watch Real Housewives (seriously…Atlanta???  Holy Hannah.).  I feel like sh-t because I’ve been eating so poorly.  Far too much sugar and a lack of planning for meals has me waking up with a headache and feeling tired by mid-afternoon.  I did myself no favors by spending that sick time eating crap.

Tonight I’m going to a fabulous charity event.  A fashion show, a VIP table, free booze, and more.  I mean…could it get any better than that?  Well…yes in fact…it could.  It would be better if I didn’t have a sugar headache.  And it would be better if I had more options for what to wear.  And it would be better if I felt better.

So I think it’s time to get off the sugar train (at least temporarily because let’s be clear…there will be no long term break from wine).  I was able to peel myself off the Diet Coke train nearly two years ago.  I can surely get off the sugar train.  And it’s going to suck…but…BUT…I cannot go to Vegas feeling sluggish and icky.  I want to go to Vegas and paint that town red.  I want to shop like there’s no tomorrow.  I want to sit at the pool at the Bellagio and feel amazing.  I want to feel good so I can truly relax and enjoy myself.  We have so much to celebrate, the trip is so well deserved, and it has the potential to be our best vacation yet.

It’s time to get my head in the game.

TODAY:  What if I dump this polar vortex attitude and get into a Vegas state of mind?

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