Trying vs. Being

A professor from my master’s program died last week.  He was one of my faves who taught me the most.  One of the first things he said to me – and ours was a program that met both in the classroom, and in the bar, so I can’t be sure in which setting we were … More Trying vs. Being

The Year of The Most

Nearly a month ago I turned 45.  If you’ve read this blog in the past, you know that for the most part I really enjoy getting older.  Obviously there are downsides – I am now in the next age range when completing forms and it’s not awesome.  It’s easier to get injured.  Harder to lose weight.  Botox feels more and … More The Year of The Most

Showing Up Like

Okay, so bear with me here because I know next to nothing of the NFL.  Aside from what everyone knows, and what I learned (and assume to be 100% accurate) from the show Ballers.  We all know the Patriots are ridiculous like the Yankees are ridiculous, right?  In the sense that it is f-cking ridiculous … More Showing Up Like

Acting On

Last summer I made a decision.  It was shortly after the murder of George Floyd.  For years, my way of dealing with people who had different oppinions than I did, was to smile and nod.  I just didn’t want to get into it.  I didn’t want to talk politics, I didn’t want to talk about … More Acting On

In Truth

When I was a kid living in Minneapolis, if my mom needed something while she was cooking or baking, I’d take her cash and walk or bike the three blocks to the 7/11.  Upon my return I handed over the groceries and some of the change.  “This is all the change?” she’d ask, looking confused.  “Yep,” … More In Truth


I’ve long felt that you get what you put out to the Universe.  The more joy you experience and push out, the more joy comes back your way.  You put out a ton of negativity, your experience will be rather negative.  This is not rocket science.  What comes with age – at least for me … More Reflections

Take the Power Back

Yesterday I was sitting in my home office for the billionth day in a row and I hit a f-cking wall.  I’ve seen enough LinkedIn headlines to know that I’m not alone in this but everything was so far past annoying I just couldn’t.  I do LinkedIn, Instagram, and sometimes Twitter.  Those are my only … More Take the Power Back


The thing about sheltering in place, for months, is that you go through stages. Once you’ve gotten through the grief over the end of the world as we know it, and you’ve watched every season of every show ever, and you’ve attempted art project after art project (while secretly hoping you’ll discover some thus far … More Hatched