Ice. Packs. And. Hope.

You know that old injury I’ve been complaining about for months?  Yes well yesterday I finally hit a wall with my pain.  I hit a f-cking wall.  Due to cancellations, messy calendars, and other such nonsense I wasn’t going to see the next in the long line of doctors, chiropractors, healers, until mid-July.  But as … More Ice. Packs. And. Hope.

Cooking. With. Gas.

When I was nearing my 16th birthday I started applying for jobs at every mall store I could think of.  I’d been babysitting for years but I was ready for a “real” job.  After weeks, and what felt like millions of applications, I was finally hired by Karmelkorn in Ridgedale Mall.  I worked there for exactly … More Cooking. With. Gas.

I. Give. Up.

No need to send a strait jacket just yet (not today anyway), I’m talking about lent, not that “I give up” generally speaking. Oh, ye of so little faith. So about lent. It’s true that when Cousin A and I refer to church, that we are actually talking about Neiman Marcus. And it’s true that … More I. Give. Up.

Sick. And. Tired.

So…about today’s post?  Ugh. I woke up yesterday feeling like my chest was being squeezed with 57 bungee cords.   Today I woke up feeling like my chest was being squeezed with 57 bungee cords AND like I had bowling balls for tonsils.  Son of a… I stayed home from work, slept as much as … More Sick. And. Tired.

It. Is. On.

I’m fired up.  Can we talk about my last twenty-four hours?  Let’s do that shall we? Last night I decided to get crazy and try walking.  I’ve done no walking/running in two months due to injuries.  I decided to just try walking a mile to see if there is pain while walking, after walking, and … More It. Is. On.