I grew up twirling.  An only child until I was 15, I had an active imagination, magic was a prevalent part of my existence, and I was a dreamer.  Every chore I did as a kid was transformed into a fairytale.  Sweeping the front walkway?  A concert in front of tens of thousands of … More Literally.


I started golfing a year before I met my husband.  I had spent time on the golf course for fundraisers and always wished I was one of the golfers.  My grandma lives on a course in Arizona and until recently golfed nearly every day of her life out there.  Most of my guy friends golf … More Fore.

Jealous. Much.

A couple weeks ago I had a chiro appointment.  It’s like the only opportunity I have to actually look at magazines these days.  Me.  The girl who used to get People, Elle, and The New Yorker in the mail and read them each from cover to cover religiously.  I have no time for magazines anymore. … More Jealous. Much.

Is. It. My. Turn.

I can be crabby, and unsatisfied, and negative, and…well the list could go on but you get the idea. I’m a planner and if things don’t go as planned I get flustered. I also expect people to behave in a respectable manner, and to use their brains, and when it doesn’t happen I want there … More Is. It. My. Turn.

Soul. Mates.

When my husband and I were really struggling there came a point at which I had to admit that there was a strong possibility that it might not work out.  It took a good amount of time to work through the shame (possible failed marriage after only how much time???), and to even start to … More Soul. Mates.