Mr. Big.

I met my husband at a wedding.  It’s actually much more complicated than that, but that my friends, is a story for another blog entirely.  It was the wedding of the little sister of my girfriend Eh.  I was so tired of going to weddings alone.  Those of you who are single, or who got … More Mr. Big.

Wife. (Or. The. Amazing. Kreskin.) Wanted.

I need a wife.  Plain.  And.  Simple. Yesterday I left for work at 6:15am.  I got home at 8pm.  In between those ridiculous hours I went to work, saved the world, picked-up the little girls, plowed through homework, reading, spelling, dinner, gymnastics, and grocery shopping (while the little girls were in gymnastics).  Wait, let me … More Wife. (Or. The. Amazing. Kreskin.) Wanted.

Shower. The. People…

Oh you know the rest…don’t pretend you don’t. So today’s title even makes me a little nauseous.  I’m not in a habit of a) quoting James Taylor…there’s nothing wrong with James Taylor, I grew up listening to him by way of my Mom’s record collection (I mean come on…”Fire and Rain?”  Forget about it.), but … More Shower. The. People…


Earlier today I was standing in my office thinking ‘I am f-cking OUT of here.  DONE.’  It’s amazing how quickly you can revert to the “fight or flight” mentality if you’ve been there before.  My husband had just sent me a few really angry texts (didn’t we just talk about this yesterday???) and it took … More Relapse.

Spit. It. Out.

When my husband proposed we were in Vegas (one of our happiest of happy places).  We had just seen a Cirque du Soleil show and were on the outdoor patio of the Picasso restaurant in the Bellagio hotel.  We were lucky enough to snag a table facing the fountains.  When the fountain show started after … More Spit. It. Out.

Come. To. Jesus.

So one of my girlfriends has recently re-entered the dating scene. She’s met a couple men who have been worthwhile but after a few dates she’s finding that she’s doing all the work. I was talking to her yesterday about a man she’d been dating for about a month and she was saying “if there’s … More Come. To. Jesus.

A. Rising. Tide.

So lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the saying “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  I’ve used it in business when discussing the need to diversify the nonprofits/community organizations with whom corporations partner.  Typically corporations will think that adding another community partner into their mix will harm the nonprofits with whom they’ve … More A. Rising. Tide.

Remember. The. Time.

Yes, that is a Michael Jackson reference.  And yes, that is Bobby Brown‘s “Roni”  playing in the background as I type this post.  I am suffering from a serious case of nostalgia today.  I don’t know what the deal is but I’ve decided to go with it.  The only other option would be to shut … More Remember. The. Time.