Past. Heaven.

The first time my littlest little girl told me she loved me was about a month after I’d met the little girls. We were in Target, she was still little enough to sit in the seat at the front of the cart, and she was parked firmly in the undies and socks aisle. I was … More Past. Heaven.

Mine. For. Now.

It’s been an interesting summer. In summers past we enjoyed every ounce of every minute. Outside, at the pool, on bike rides, and just enjoying the freedom that comes from not having spelling words to practice, math practice, and homework. This summer the little girls have started to want and ask for play dates. All. … More Mine. For. Now.

Their. Childhood.

Monday night when the little girls and I got home they tried calling friends with whom they could pass the few hours of light and heat before bedtime.  First call result?  The friends were at Girl Scout Camp.  Second call?  Girl Scout Camp.  Third call?  Girl Scout Camp.  Seriously?  Turns out every little girl in … More Their. Childhood.


Today was the kind of sweltering day that left us two options. Either stay home with the air blasting or head to the pool. We chose the latter. The outdoor pool area is cut-throat. Mothers toting monogrammed towels and beach bags will straight-up check you like it’s the Stanley Cup Finals if it means they’ll … More Brave.

Talk. To. Me.

I’ll tell you what.  This parenting thing?  They should make you get a license for this sh-t.  I am not kidding. Let’s pretend for a moment, that you only did the bare minimum, and you focused on keeping your children bathed, fed, and in clothing.  Even that takes thought…what will the temperature be today?  Will … More Talk. To. Me.