Blissin’. It. Up.

It has been a wicked good week.  One in which so much was going on that it was barely possible to take showers or make meals.  We were on the run all week but for such fun reasons.  Let me share the highlights… Monday was my littlest little girl’s first Brownie meeting.  As you’ll recall … More Blissin’. It. Up.

Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. Well.

You should know that anytime I’m able to quote Ladies Love Cool James, I will absolutely do just that. I’ve long known, if not consciously certainly subconsciously, that when I work hard and do my best good things come my way. When I complain, lament, do things half a-sed, and pout like a child, however, … More Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. Well.

Frigging. Fabulous.

This week has been a good one you guys.  I mean a really good one.  With great strides on the health front, wonderful things being dreamed-up and strategized for this blog, a ridiculously productive and good week at work, and exciting things happening with the little girls, it’s a shame it has to come to … More Frigging. Fabulous.