Their. Just. Deserts.

So I’m in a funk. Not a serious worrisome funk, but a funk nonetheless. I know it’s the stress of transitioning jobs (even though it’s a great transition, there is still stress involved), the holidays, remodeling our bathroom, and the sadness I feel about the little girls spending this Christmas with their other family. All … More Their. Just. Deserts.

It’s. Beginning. To. Feel. A. Lot. Like. Christmas.

When I was little, around this time of year, I would turn my attention to Christmas.  Perhaps I’ve mentioned before how completely enamored and obsessed I can get with Christmas?  I’m not saying I’m not a little crazy about Christmas now…but I was a lot crazy then.  I blame part of this on the boredom that … More It’s. Beginning. To. Feel. A. Lot. Like. Christmas.

Bring. The. Magic.

As I sit to write this post I’m not feeling very magical.  I’m in a McDonalds while the girls are in gymnastics and I’m on hour 12 of a nasty headache.  Awesome.  I didn’t think “what if I felt well today” would make for interesting reading so I’m going a different direction despite my stupid … More Bring. The. Magic.