It’s disheartening that this post starts with yet ANOTHER story of a talent show I didn’t win.  And, in retrospect, I’m pretty sure that of the many talent shows I participated in, I won none of them.  What the hell?! When I was in sixth grade three girlfriends and I decided to lipsync and dance … More Shine.

Mr. Big.

I met my husband at a wedding.  It’s actually much more complicated than that, but that my friends, is a story for another blog entirely.  It was the wedding of the little sister of my girfriend Eh.  I was so tired of going to weddings alone.  Those of you who are single, or who got … More Mr. Big.

Too. Short.

No, no, not the rapper, although I do love me some Too $hort now and then (“Gettin’ It” anyone?).  I’m referring to LIFE being too short.  Too, too, short.  Recently my little girls have been talking to me about college.  They are only seven and eight years old…and we’re talking about why people go to … More Too. Short.

Our. Little. Secret.

So about Cousin A (she’s left a couple comments on this blog).  She actually IS my cousin…it’s not just a clever name.  She and I go back…well since we were babies…but for most of our lives we’ve lived thousands of miles apart.  Not convenient for cousins who truly adore each other…as we do…but we make … More Our. Little. Secret.