Showing. Up.

So…I sometimes have a problem with showing up.  They say “showing up is half the battle” but really…I’m not interested in battles…I’m interested in feeling fulfilled and happy and passionate about the things I’m doing.  Lately, if I don’t feel those things, I’d rather just skip it. I’ve been struggling professionally.  I’m not where I … More Showing. Up.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Show of hands…for those of you who know me…how many times have I called you with the BEST.  IDEA.  EVER?  Five times?  Ten?  Fifty?  You can leave your answers in the comments section.  Furthermore, maybe they weren’t ALL genius, but some of them held real weight.  Right? Ahhh…good ideas.  I have tons of them.  Business … More Best. Idea. Ever.