Oh. Grow. Up.

This morning I had a hard time getting out of bed.  A very.  Very.  VERY.  Hard time.  You see, I was kind of hoping to give my notice today.  But instead, I logged into my computer at 7am, and started sifting through the many emails that came in when I was enjoying Spring Break with … More Oh. Grow. Up.


I ain’t scerred.  Well…not REALLY scerred.  Apparently I’m also not so concerned with grammar today…so there’s that. There’s this overwhelming culture of fear going on.  Apparently all political candidates, if the opposing parties are to be believed, are going to literally END.  THE.  WORLD.  AS.  WE.  KNOW.  IT.  Wow!  That’s scary.  I guess I’ll be … More Fear.