Their. Just. Deserts.

So I’m in a funk. Not a serious worrisome funk, but a funk nonetheless. I know it’s the stress of transitioning jobs (even though it’s a great transition, there is still stress involved), the holidays, remodeling our bathroom, and the sadness I feel about the little girls spending this Christmas with their other family. All … More Their. Just. Deserts.

Mine. For. Now.

It’s been an interesting summer. In summers past we enjoyed every ounce of every minute. Outside, at the pool, on bike rides, and just enjoying the freedom that comes from not having spelling words to practice, math practice, and homework. This summer the little girls have started to want and ask for play dates. All. … More Mine. For. Now.

That. Pesky. Rule.

The other day my husband and I went to the gym.  I have finally reached a place in which I can exercise every day and not suffer enormous amounts of pain the next morning.  It’s pure bliss!  So we went to the gym, lifted weights, I did my chiropractor-ordered exercises for my back, and when … More That. Pesky. Rule.