Clutch. Move.

I don’t typically take or make personal calls at work.  Recently, due to an increase in staff, I was moved from an office with a door back to a cube.  This is where you picture me like Dylan McKay, after he’d learned of his wife’s untimely death, in the middle of the rainy street on … More Clutch. Move.


This will be short. It’s been a whirlwind of a day and I will have a lot to talk about in tomorrow’s post. It’s Girls’ Night Out tonight. All day I’ve been lamenting about what to wear. Nothing felt good enough, or cute enough, or hot enough, or young enough. I was ready to settle. … More Leggings.

More. Like. Her.

I fear this will be on the longer side…sorry… Eight years ago I was working for a local nonprofit managing one of their statewide programs. I loved my job but my boss was crazy. I survived a year with her while most of my colleagues ran for the hills after a few weeks or months. … More More. Like. Her.