Gimme Some Sugar

My girlfriends and I often talk about how great it is to be in our 40s. Wait…I know…stop laughing. I mean obviously the lines between my brows are not better in my 40s than they were, say, in my 20s. And, obviously the fact that it’s harder to get fit, and harder to do a … More Gimme Some Sugar


Spoiler…I did NOT win the race.  I know…I know…but there is always next year. Last night (in prep for today’s Ten Mile) I ate my pasta dinner, drank lots of water, got all of my gear ready, and went to bed at 9:30.  Well, I tried to go to bed at 9:30 but instead played … More Finisher.

Who. You. Callin’. “We.”

Sign-up for ten mile race…check! Create b-tchin’ running playlist…check! Buy ridiculously expensive running shoes…check! Start training program…check! Take precautionary measures to prevent injury…check! After weeks of training, forget to take precautionary measures after one long run, and get injured…CHECK! When I woke up Monday morning, I knew something was wrong.  I’d completed my long run … More Who. You. Callin’. “We.”

And. We’re. Back.

Do you know what I’m doing tomorrow night? Because I know myself well…let me tell you how this is going to go down.  I’m going to have dinner with my girlfriends, enjoy some wine, head to the Beyonce concert, and approximately 34 seconds after she appears on-stage my mind will start spinning… I want thighs … More And. We’re. Back.