My. Happy. Place.

Today is my husband’s birthday.  I can’t tell you how irritating it is that the bastard will always be younger than I am (and that he reminds me of it often).  Rude. Monday night the little girls and I were running our birthday errands.  We tracked down the gifts we wanted to give him and … More My. Happy. Place.

Who. You. Callin’. “We.”

Sign-up for ten mile race…check! Create b-tchin’ running playlist…check! Buy ridiculously expensive running shoes…check! Start training program…check! Take precautionary measures to prevent injury…check! After weeks of training, forget to take precautionary measures after one long run, and get injured…CHECK! When I woke up Monday morning, I knew something was wrong.  I’d completed my long run … More Who. You. Callin’. “We.”


  I grew up twirling.  An only child until I was 15, I had an active imagination, magic was a prevalent part of my existence, and I was a dreamer.  Every chore I did as a kid was transformed into a fairytale.  Sweeping the front walkway?  A concert in front of tens of thousands of … More Literally.

My. Happy. Places.

When I was 18 I really felt like I was the sh-t.  I’m going to be honest…my bangs were still a little fluffier than they should have been in 1994, and…I hate to say it…but there may have still been shoulder pads somewhere in my wardrobe.  But they were balanced out by my Doc Martens … More My. Happy. Places.