Yesterday our oldest little girl turned ten. TEN. Please hold while I breathe in a bag for a minute. Last year I wrote a post about this particular love of my life. She continues to surprise me with her wit, make me proud with her kindness, and remind me of myself at her age. I … More Roar.


Did you hear that? That was the sound of my head exploding. Finally. I’ve been expecting it to happen for about a week and a half now…and today it finally happened. And while it’s rendered me rather useless…I’m glad the waiting is over. For several years now, I’ve been living with a stuffy nose and … More Boom.

Past. Heaven.

The first time my littlest little girl told me she loved me was about a month after I’d met the little girls. We were in Target, she was still little enough to sit in the seat at the front of the cart, and she was parked firmly in the undies and socks aisle. I was … More Past. Heaven.

Mine. For. Now.

It’s been an interesting summer. In summers past we enjoyed every ounce of every minute. Outside, at the pool, on bike rides, and just enjoying the freedom that comes from not having spelling words to practice, math practice, and homework. This summer the little girls have started to want and ask for play dates. All. … More Mine. For. Now.