Our girls go back and forth between two houses.  When they were little, when I was first in the picture, my husband and I decided that in order to make this back and forth feel less jarring, we needed to create a stable, even keel, calm, and structured environment in our home.  When they were little, that … More Nonnegotiables


Yesterday our oldest little girl turned ten. TEN. Please hold while I breathe in a bag for a minute. Last year I wrote a post about this particular love of my life. She continues to surprise me with her wit, make me proud with her kindness, and remind me of myself at her age. I … More Roar.

Past. Heaven.

The first time my littlest little girl told me she loved me was about a month after I’d met the little girls. We were in Target, she was still little enough to sit in the seat at the front of the cart, and she was parked firmly in the undies and socks aisle. I was … More Past. Heaven.

Our. Little. Secret.

So about Cousin A (she’s left a couple comments on this blog).  She actually IS my cousin…it’s not just a clever name.  She and I go back…well since we were babies…but for most of our lives we’ve lived thousands of miles apart.  Not convenient for cousins who truly adore each other…as we do…but we make … More Our. Little. Secret.