Their. Just. Deserts.

So I’m in a funk. Not a serious worrisome funk, but a funk nonetheless. I know it’s the stress of transitioning jobs (even though it’s a great transition, there is still stress involved), the holidays, remodeling our bathroom, and the sadness I feel about the little girls spending this Christmas with their other family. All … More Their. Just. Deserts.

Past. Heaven.

The first time my littlest little girl told me she loved me was about a month after I’d met the little girls. We were in Target, she was still little enough to sit in the seat at the front of the cart, and she was parked firmly in the undies and socks aisle. I was … More Past. Heaven.

Here. And. Now.

So I have a tendency to think big.  I’ve written before about my ability to come up with fabulous ideas, leap to the end of said idea, and skip the many many baby steps necessary to get there.  It’s how my brain works.  My husband and I can be having a casual conversation about our … More Here. And. Now.