Clutch. Move.

I don’t typically take or make personal calls at work.  Recently, due to an increase in staff, I was moved from an office with a door back to a cube.  This is where you picture me like Dylan McKay, after he’d learned of his wife’s untimely death, in the middle of the rainy street on … More Clutch. Move.

Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. Well.

You should know that anytime I’m able to quote Ladies Love Cool James, I will absolutely do just that. I’ve long known, if not consciously certainly subconsciously, that when I work hard and do my best good things come my way. When I complain, lament, do things half a-sed, and pout like a child, however, … More Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. Well.

Game. On.

Yesterday, my friends?  I hit the wall. I.  Hit.  The.  Wall.  Let me break it down for you… I had a fabulous weekend.  Fabulous.  One of those weekends you don’t want to end.  One of those weekends that makes you grateful you’re with your partner.  My husband and I?  We really like each other.  Yes, … More Game. On.

Damn. Girl.

Yesterday I was home sick and when I woke up this morning I felt less than stellar.  Less than awake, less than well, less than enthusiastic about lifting my tired bones from the comforts of my bed.  So I did what any self-respecting, overly tired, and possibly still-sick girl would do…I dressed to the nines.  … More Damn. Girl.