Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. Well.

You should know that anytime I’m able to quote Ladies Love Cool James, I will absolutely do just that. I’ve long known, if not consciously certainly subconsciously, that when I work hard and do my best good things come my way. When I complain, lament, do things half a-sed, and pout like a child, however, … More Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. And. Doin’. It. Well.

Frigging. Fabulous.

This week has been a good one you guys.  I mean a really good one.  With great strides on the health front, wonderful things being dreamed-up and strategized for this blog, a ridiculously productive and good week at work, and exciting things happening with the little girls, it’s a shame it has to come to … More Frigging. Fabulous.

It. Is. On.

I’m fired up.  Can we talk about my last twenty-four hours?  Let’s do that shall we? Last night I decided to get crazy and try walking.  I’ve done no walking/running in two months due to injuries.  I decided to just try walking a mile to see if there is pain while walking, after walking, and … More It. Is. On.