Work. Every. Day.

I’ve been stuck.   This often happens shortly after I have a magnificent idea, or a new project I want to start.  I run into “blockers.” If it’s a new book I’m planning to write (it is) I get to a point in my thinking about the plot or characters, and something doesn’t work, and I don’t … More Work. Every. Day.

Truth. Be. Told.

About a week ago I received an email from a former colleague, from her personal email account, asking about my new job.  We emailed back and forth for a bit and she finally told me she’d been asked to contact me to see if I’d talk.  Someone high-up was interested in speaking with me about … More Truth. Be. Told.

It’s. Go. Time.

To say that remarkable things have fallen into place this week would be a remarkable understatement.  The moment I was able to admit that things just weren’t right or okay, I was able to take the necessary steps, and start to move on.  Start to live again.  Get back to feeling like me. I’ve taken … More It’s. Go. Time.