Yesterday our oldest little girl turned ten. TEN. Please hold while I breathe in a bag for a minute. Last year I wrote a post about this particular love of my life. She continues to surprise me with her wit, make me proud with her kindness, and remind me of myself at her age. I … More Roar.


Did you hear that? That was the sound of my head exploding. Finally. I’ve been expecting it to happen for about a week and a half now…and today it finally happened. And while it’s rendered me rather useless…I’m glad the waiting is over. For several years now, I’ve been living with a stuffy nose and … More Boom.

Their. Just. Deserts.

So I’m in a funk. Not a serious worrisome funk, but a funk nonetheless. I know it’s the stress of transitioning jobs (even though it’s a great transition, there is still stress involved), the holidays, remodeling our bathroom, and the sadness I feel about the little girls spending this Christmas with their other family. All … More Their. Just. Deserts.